Losing a dear friend, music promoter, and CEO of Coma Gun Music..

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This past week has turned into a rough week for my Wilmington family. Losing a great friend and a kindred spirit to many of us, the music scene is certainly going to miss Joel Stout..

Although Joel and I weren’t necessarily the closest of friends, I can truly say that he has been an inspiration not only to so many others, but to myself as well. As we fight through the trials and tribulations of this crazy existence we know as life, we create relationships that seem to ebb and flow as well. It is sad that these situations emphasize the importance of appreciating your brothers and sisters only after they have come to pass.

Joel Stout was a great music promoter, artist manager, and above all one of the most genuine people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I only wish I would have had time to get to know Joel on more of a friendship level. His passion for music had a way of shining through in every conversation he and I had, and I know many that would say the same.

From myself and many others, RIP Joel Stout, You are going to be missed!



Gearing up for a music filled weekend!

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So I am counting down the hours until I hit the road and head to the coast for Widespread Panic at the House of Blues. As much as I wish I could stay all weekend, I will be traveling right back to Charlotte on Friday for two shows at the Fillmore Charlotte this weekend. I’m still getting used to this blog thingy, and not sure if it’s going to fulfill it’s purpose. I’m sending out requests for topics, with hopes that as I begin writing more, my creativity will expand as well and I will have many of my own topics to discuss.

My initial thoughts are to use this as an outlet to track the concerts that I see, the events that take place around those concerts, and updates and opinions on the ever changing music industry.

Hello world!

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So here it goes, entering the world of blogging! As an introduction to myself and my goals, I am here to report on current events in the music industry, arts & culture, and hopefully contribute positively to the world around me. I hope to challenge readers to open their minds to creative thinking and consider many points of views. I look forward to meeting new people and challenging my own thinking through the world of blogging as well.

I start this blog at the end of a busy week for myself in the world of music. Starting on Monday night, there was a sold out show at the Fillmore Charlotte with Dropkick Murphy’s. It was a high energy show, with the Irish rockers getting the crowd going. Moving on to Wednesday night, I attended the Five For Fighting show at the Fillmore, which was much more laid back and not nearly as crowded.

On Thursday I ventured to see Sound Tribe Sector 9 at Amos’ Southend, which was the first time visiting that venue in a long time. Big crowd, and a bunch of crazy hippies, which I fit right in as one myself. Friday night I was at The Visulite Theatre, and was treated with a nice laid back show with Acoustic Syndicate. Loved the Neil Young cover they started the second set with! Saturday night was capped off with AFI at the Fillmore, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the show they put on.

For now I must go, finish some homework for Grad School, and then off to the restaurant for work. Contemplating another show tonight at the Visulite, but I also could use some rest!

Until next time..